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Hanuman goes to Lanka

I boarded out an excerpt from the Hindu Epic - the Ramayana, where Hanuman sneaks into Lanka to have a little chat with Ravan- the Demon King of Lanka.

I wanted to explore rendering the Hindu epic in an alternate, action anime-style setting. I felt very comfortable doing this as an avid anime fan and someone who grew up reading Hindu epics like the Ramayan.

note: I have taken creative liberty with the story and it is only loosely inspired by the source material!

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- Skip to page 86 for the fight scene!

3D software application

I use my 3D skill set to assist me in boarding dynamic shots fast and reliably to get a better final drawing. I can manipulate the position of my camera freely in 3D space to suit my storyboards and use 3D assets to mock-up characters and environments in no time.

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